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We are the consulting business that helps other businesses overcome challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and creates a long term strategy

  • Hilton Bartkunsky is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of RestoreSA. He specialises in business management, strategic marketing and events and has an in-depth understanding of business management, strategy, sales, marketing and business startups.


  • Hilton founded RestoreSA with the goal of making a positive impact on people’s lives and minimising the negative economic and socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on South African citizens and businesses. He is proudly South African and wants to empower the country to reach its full potential and emerge as an economic powerhouse and fully inclusive society that provides opportunities for all its citizens.


  • Hilton has a unique ability to identify talented and people and works hard to nurture this talent. He consults to a number of companies, helping them develop and implement strategies based on a thorough understanding of their market environment and competitive landscape.


  • Past clients that he was worked with include MTN, Nando’s, Liberty, Sasol, Bokomo, Siemens, Yellow Pages,Woolworths, Clicks, Metropolitan and Engen.


  • Natalie Davis is an extraordinary strategist, marketer and project management leader. She has the unique ability to cut through the clutter in business, find the right market strategy, and ensure that it executed perfectly. She challenges her clients and gives them a completely new marketing perspective on their business.


  • Natalie qualified with a B.Comm Marketing degree, which she gained cum laude. She has a 14-year track record in building brands across numerous industry segments, including fast-moving consumer goods, fashion watches and foodservice brands. She prides herself in her strategic ability, logical thought process and an absolute dedication towards achieving business/brand objectives.


  • Natalie’s skills resulted in her being contracted to a consulting business called Brink Consulting (www.brinkconsulting.co.za) Her services include brand positioning, visual identity, holistic marketing strategy and project management.


  • Natalie is an integral part of the RestoreSA team and has the ability to transform a business in conjunction with the rest of the RestoreSA team. Work with Natalie through RestoreSA for better rates.

  • Renato is a digital marketing specialist who specialises in web analytics, development and traffic, email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), lead generation and video production.


  • Renato can masterfully find the right information for his clients and provide them with a world-class service that is underpinned by care and compassion. He completely embodies the values of RestoreSA .


  • Renato owns a successful full-service digital agency called doubleBaRRiL, which offers customers services that include information technology, sales, technical, outsourcing and digital marketing – www.doublebarril.co.za


  • Work with Renato through RestoreSA for better rates.
  • Janine Paiken is a leading expert when it comes to social media management and strategy. Her considerable skills and expertise in this area has been honed by working in top-performing advertising agencies and being exposed to numerous industries. Janine owns her own agency called Fawkes Consulting (www.fakesconsulting.co.za) and won the Silver Bookmark Award for excellence in her field for a campaign that she ran.


  • RestoreSA is extremely lucky to have Janine as part of our team of industry experts.


  • Work with Janine through RestoreSA for better rates.

  • Guy Copans is a journalist and copywriter with more than 13 years professional writing experience. Guy’s writing excellence and expertise has been moulded by his love for reading, news and interesting content. His experience in numerous writing disciplines, including journalism, public relations, digital copywriting and corporate writing, enables him to fulfil a range of writing requirements, including creative content.


  • Guy Copans is an integral part of the RestoreSA team. Together with the rest of the team, he and RestoreSA have the power to transform businesses.


  • Services include:
    • Press releases
    • Web copy
    • SEO articles
    • Journalism articles
    • Email campaigns
    • Speeches
    • Advertorials
    • Ad copy
    • Creative content
    • Business writing and blogging



  • Work with Guy through RestoreSA for better rates.
  • Melissa Riback is a maverick in graphic design and a heavyweight in all things graphic. Her attention to detail and creativity allow her to produce dynamic and award-winning work for her clients.


  • RestoreSA is extremely lucky to have Melissa as part of the RestoreSA team. [Maybe we need to have a link to her portfolio].


  • To send Melissa a brief please complete the following form:

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